Banksy for Tox

26 June of 2011 by

Banksy for ToxThis is a re-blog from Just though it needed some FINK Love as well. (“Operation Misfit” was the name of the British Transport Police’s attempt at curbing graffiti around the UK, and the dubiously-titled endeavor succeeded in taking down 5 prominent street artists including Tox. As an ode to their upcoming legal struggles, certainly reminiscent of REVOK’s situation in the United States, the infamously secretive Banksy has penned this piece in Tox’s hometown of Camden. Since his involvement in the Mr. Brainwash-touting documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, Banksy has been catapulted into stratospheric fame in the realm of street art, so there’s no doubt that this work on behalf of Tox – as well as the political statement that it holds – will garner a great deal of attention from all walks of the media.)



Theophilus London




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