Mocha Pops

OMG! These are hands down the best coffee pops I have ever tasted! If you are in the Atlanta area don’t hesitate to check them out! The fruit pops are…

Muhammad Ali

I realize that we have been posting quite a few memorial post as of late. Just seems to be one Great after another! This I can assure you though, Ali…

Do you Still Love Lucy?

We try to make it a point to re-visit the creative exploits of great and iconic talents in order to gain perspective and insight into why things may or may…

Happy Holidays

From the FINKMAG family! We have enjoyed sharing our musings with you for another great year! We hope you have had as much fun as we have! Happy Holidays!

Allen Toussaint

Honoring music legend Allen Toussaint.  January 14, 1938 – November 9, 2015 Photo by Elliot Kennedy  

Maya Angelou

Loved. April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014  

Scott Belsky

If you are a creative professional or otherwise you should know who this guy is. Scott Belsky embodies the qualities of a true FINK by our definitions as he maps…

Jasmine Thompson

Up early this morning in the FINK office listening to some new recording artists that have found their way to our inbox. Jasmine Thompson, a 13-year old singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist…

Tall Tale Medicine Machine

Now Listening to Tall Tale Medicine Machine – Ft. Denmark Vessey – Shoe String Theory. Tall Tale Medicine Machine is a constantly evolving ensemble of performers and visual artists led…

Bill Murray replaceface

The Bill Murray replaceface is one of my favorite replaceface prints on Thinking about grabbing it for one of the walls at the office.

Interesni Kazki

I know its been said, but the work of Interesni Kazki  soo reminds me of early Salvador Dali, in a good way. The artist duo really pay great homage to…

Nelson Mandela

Honoring Nelson Mandela. A South African anti-apartheid revolutionary. Such an important figure in the historical fight for human rights. He will be missed.

Anthony David Love Out Loud

Listening to Anthony David Love Out Loud today at the FINK office. Really lifts you up on a rainy cold day like today in Atlanta.  


Now Listening to SZA Teen spirit Prod. Felix Snow & Dave Free. Check out that Julia track too. Dope sound…

Tyannaj Buie

Reading about artist Tyannaj Buie. Was touched by her story as it relates to the themes in her work. Check her out when you get a moment.

BOSCO Slippin

Ahhh, just what I needed today! Checking out the new visual for “Slippin” by BOSCO. She always goes in :)…

Leluxe Vision

Found this link to the Lelux Vision website in the FINKMAG inbox.  An interesting assortment of brands. Check it out when you get a moment.

Ryan Hemsworth

What do you think about the Against A Wall visual from Ryan Hemsworth’s Guilt Trips album? It features Lofty305…

Diego Zoffoli

Just sharing some more cool artwork that was found in the FINK inbox. Check out Diego Zoffoli when you get a moment.

Estela Cuadro Art

Estela Cuadro recently launch a new website that showcases some of her work. Good stuff! We love the dadaist overtones of the paintings. You can see more at: