Basquiat Inspired

So I’m looking through some of my favorite Basquiat pieces for inspiration as I begin to produce music for a new recording artist I’m working with. Above Photo by Richard…

Kevin Schaefer Photography

At the FINK office looking at some cinematography work by photographer Kevin Schaefer. Good stuff! Check out his reel below.

Lidia Vives Photography

OK there is good photography, then there is great photography, then there is dope as hell photography! Lidia Vives does the latter There is just something deviously right about her…


Thinking about getting one of these for the FINK Office. Everyone is always adjusting the thermostat around here  

Chance The Rapper

Listening to Chance The Rapper at the moment. The is a decent write up on him in DAZED. Check it out when you get second…

K.L.U.B Monsta – Cypher Dream

Really dogging with the new K.L.U.B Monsta visual for Cypher Dream. Love the obscure existentialism. Feeling the record to.

Snow on Tha Bluff Clothing

From the critically acclaimed film “Snow on Tha Bluff“. Collect the gear and own your piece of the movement…


Catch up with the Queen of Copyright Nikki Marshall in the new issue of FINK

Luca Bernardi Photography

Looking through some images by Photographer Luca Bernardi. Really dig this one, among many others.


Checking out some new work by the world-renowned street artist Dean Stockton (D*FACE). He recently had a solo exhibition at the StolenSpace Gallery in London.

Helena and Johnny

Always love the on screen chemistry between these two. Fitting, as Helena Bonham Carter is one of our favorite actresses and Johnny Depp is in our top five of greatest…

James Gandolfini – True Romance

I realize most people identify with James Gandolfini through his role on “The Sopranos”, but I fondly remember becoming a fan of his work through the movie “True Romance”. Excellent…

David Ohl – Photography

Still love the David Ohl photos of the Yamaha XS360 by The Hookie. David Ohl is another one of our fav Photographer/Designers.

Listening to The Magnetic Fields

Now Listening to The Magnetic Fields – Quick from their tenth full-length album “Love at the Bottom of the Sea”

BBC 10 years

It’s great to see/hear Pharrell back at it musically with the new Daft Punk record “I’m Lucky”, as his clothing line “Billionaire Boys Club” celebrates 10 years!

Ridley Scott

Needed some filmmaking inspiration today. This did the trick. Its cool to listen to Ridley talk about the early days of his career. Great storyteller.  


Still love Necklush scarves. Necklush are hands down the best at what they do. It’s interesting how they entered the spotlight through Museum stores. There is a decent write-up about…

Nabil Elderkin

Was revisiting a write-up done on photographer Nabil Elderkin earlier. Always dig the way he executes concepts. Looking at the stuff he did with Daft Punk write now. Next level…

Fahamu Pecou Is Still The Shit

Looking at some recent and early art by Fahamu Pecou today and yes, he is still “The Shit”. Experience some of his latest exploits here.  


Checking out some studio works by Yumanizumu. The Montana Gallery Barcelona is currently hosting an exhibit by the Japanese artist called “The Burning Silence“