Listening to The Memorials

Over at the FINK office rockin out listening to The Memorials latest project, “Delirium”. Really feeling the Future Perfekt Remix! Available on iTunes

Snarky Puppy – Thing of Gold

Our friends over at Stage Huddle suggested we check this out. Really glad we did. Snarky Puppy delivers an inspiring performance here!

Google SXSW

So Google unveiled a pair of talking shoes at SXSW this year as a part of their Art, Copy & Code project. Interesting concept. It’s getting mixed reviews. What are…

SXSW this Week

Excited to see, hear, experience some of the new music, films, etc from SXSW this Week. Stay tuned…

John Ferguson Photographer

One of our favorite Photographer/Designers John Ferguson captured here in classic retro style. Below are a few of his published works.

Now Listening to PINK “Try”

Seariously though, Pink just gets better and better to me. She always pushes herself creativly and commits to the performance of her craft. Steller!

Tim Macpherson – Photography

Taking another look at some work by Tim Macpherson. It’s interesting and imaginative stuff! Effective uses of light. Worth a look!

Bill Viola – Video Art

Still one of my favorite pieces by Video Artist Bill Viola. He among 9 other artists are a part of the Seismic Shifts exhibit on view from January 31 through…

Toro Y Moi – Anything In Return

Just getting a moment to give this a good listen. Good stuff. Well worth the wait! Get it and ride to it to fully enjoy it…

jocElyn ellis – Life of a Hologram

So we just made our contribution to the jocElyn ellis – “Life of a Hologram” project. You should to! Support creativity. NOW!!! Really want to see/hear this project come to…

Ebru Yildiz Photography

Digging the shots Ebru Yildiz captured of Solange for Pitchfork at the NYC’s Bawery Ballroom last month. View more here


I must say Tarantino is consistent with his formula of movie making. You can always expect; controversy, humor, and violence… Works every time :).

Flying Lotus Tiny Tortures

Now listenig to Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures. As always, realy dig the visuals. Above Photo by Ian Cohen for Pitchfork.

Larry Hagman

Farewell to TV icon Larry Hagman. Most people remember him as J.R. from the television show “Dallas”. However, my fondest memories are from his role as astronaut Tony Nelson on…

Dan Mountford

Was checking out some works by Dan Mountford via Juxtapoz. We dig his stuff. Graphic Design meets Fine Art driven.

Kat Boelskov

Listening to a new album by Danish singer, songwriter and producer Kat Boelskov’s today. Songs I made while I was supposed to be working on my album.

Now Listening To AWOLNATION

Listeing to some Awolnation at the FINK office today. Sail!, Sail!, Sail!, Sail! What are yall listening to?

A3C 2012

Had a blast hanging out at A3C last weekend. Here are some high-lights from the “Pub Deals – Are They Right For You?” panel.

Alfred Hitchcock

Feels like a good day to watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Love the way his plots twist and pull at your moral fibers. Such a great filmmaker and story teller….